We're considering expanding our business here in Las Vegas and moving to a new location. Who do we contact to move our phone system, our phone lines, install voice and data cabling, etc.?

Good planning is key to a smooth transition to your new location. We can help you assess your existing telephone system and data network and let you know what you need for expansion. We then provide new and refurbished products at a competitive price, and make arrangements with your communications carrier for relocation of your voice and data lines, taking the hassle out of relocation so you can focus on your business.

One of my business telephones isn't working what do I do?

There are several reasons for phones to stop working. The best course of action is to first determine if the problem is the telephone itself or the equipment that supports it. Follow these steps to determine the problem:

  1. Disconnect the defective telephone from the wall jack.
  2. Disconnect a working phone from another wall jack and plug it into the wall jack of the defective phone. If the phone works, the telephone itself is defective. Call Las Vegas Telecom and we’ll pick up the defective phone, have it repaired, refurbished, and back in service.

If, when plugging in the working phone to the non-working phone’s jack, the phone doesn’t work, the problem is most likely the wall jack. Call Las Vegas Telecom and we’ll send out a service technician to troubleshoot the location of the problem and either repair it on the spot or order new/refurbished equipment if necessary.

We're hiring a new employee who will need a telephone and computer connection to our existing network. What do we do?

Moves, adds, and changes to existing systems are Las Vegas Telecom’s specialty. We can provide voice/data cables, jacks, and connections to your existing network to accommodate the addition of a new employee. We can also provide additional telephone equipment, such as telephones or ports for the telephone system, program voicemail boxes, whatever is necessary to get your new employee up-and-running. Call or email Las Vegas Telecom and ask for our service department.

Occasionally, we can't dial out from our phone system. What could be wrong?

Most of the time this problem is the result of no dial tone from one of your Central Office lines provided by your carrier (Sprint, XO, etc.). But the problem could also be your telephone system. Call or email Las Vegas Telecom and we’ll immediately send out a service technician to determine the source of the problem. If it’s your carrier, we can call them on your behalf and expedite the repair. If the problem is your system, you’ll avoid the extra charge of a visit from the phone company in addition to the repair to your system.

We can't seem to operate our telephones and voicemail correctly what do we do?

A phone system is only beneficial to you if you know how to use all of its features and functions. Las Vegas Telecom can provide training on most telephone and voicemail systems for new employees as well as existing employees, helping you get the most from your system.

If we lose power is there a way for us to continue using our phones?

Keeping your phone lines up-and-running is critical to your business. An Uninterruptable Power System (UPS) will keep your telephone system up during a power outage. Call or email our Sales Department and we will help design a UPS system to keep you up during an outage.

Vendor Partnerships

Las Vegas Telecom is proud to announce our alliance with SkyTalk Plus as an authorized dealer for their SIP and Hosted PBX service and with Fidelity Communications as an authorized dealer for their AT&T Synapse Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephone systems. This technology can enable your company to maximize your voice and data needs and minimize your telecommunications cost.

We also provide additional equipment and upgrades, new and refurbished, for your existing telephone system and voicemail/auto attendant. Moves, adds, and charges are part of our service and we pride ourselves on quality workmanship at a reasonable price and all of our products come with a one year warranty.