Lucent/Avaya Merlin Magix Telephone Systems

All of our telephone systems can be purchased new or refurbished and all come with a one year warranty.

Lucent/Avaya Merlin Magix Basic Carrier with Power Supply

New Lucent Avaya Merlin Magix Basic Carrier holds the Merlin Magix Processor and Expansion Cards Comes with Power Supply. This new processor replaced the Legend office phone system. Package Uses MLX and 4400 Series Telephone Sets. Includes integrated messaging applications.

Lucent/Avaya Merlin Magix Release 2.1 Processor

New Lucent Avaya Magix Release 2.1 Processor is the “Brain” of the Merlin Magix Phone System. It requires Basic Carrier and Power Supply. Use Expansion Cards to Grow up to 280 ports Add Merlin Messaging for a Powerful Voice Mail System. Use 4400 series, MLX, and single line phones.

Lucent / Avaya Merlin Magix Expansion Modules

Add MLX, 4400 TDL, Modems and Fax’s to your system. You can also add outside lines, T-1’s and Direct Inward Dial numbers. Add 4-24 lines to your system, including a backup card for the programming of your telephone system. Let us help you select the expansion module that best fits your expansion needs.

Lucent/Avaya Merlin Magix Messaging Voice Mail

New Lucent Avaya Merlin Messaging Voice Mail is an affordable, feature-rich voice mail system designed specifically for the Merlin Magix and Legend telephone systems. Designed to help improve customer service, increase productivity, and lower costs it gives you the ability to manage your telephone calls. Merlin Magix Messaging’s built-in Tip/Ring interface comes is a “plug-and-play” module that slides right into the system control unit, allowing fast, easy integration. With the addition of an optional plastic enclosure, it slides into a Merlin Legend System. The Merlin Messaging Voicemail comes in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 port configurations.

Windows Programming Software for Merlin Magix and Legend Systems

New Lucent Avaya Windows ( WIN ) SPM Programming Software is used for programming Merlin Magix and Merlin Legend phone systems. Easy to use windows based software. Allows remote programming of your business phone system. Save time and money by programming it yourself. Allows remote programming.

Lucent/Avaya Merlin Legend Basic Control Unit

Includes Carrier Backplane and 391A3 Power Supply 6 slots for Merlin Legend Processor and up to 5 Merlin Legend Modules.